Dear friends.

    We're looking for people to join our Cae Mabon crew. Accommodation is available in the Top Barn and the Shack.

    Ideally we'd like a couple with one or two small children (interested in home-schooling) to live in the Barn. This is a 12 x 25 feet space with a sleeping platform at one end, a living space with a wood stove and kitchen. Outside is a washing up area and garden. The toilet and shower are shared communally.

    We have room for a single person in the Shack. It's 8 x 10 ft, small but snug.

    Facilities are basic. So you have to be hardy. But there are many perks that come with living at Cae Mabon.

    In exchange we ask that you help with running Cae Mabon (declared 'number one natural building project in the UK' in 2008). We are looking for a range of capabilities including cleaning, practical maintenance, carpentry, landscaping, cooking/catering, meeting and greeting people, and admin. We want creative and positive people who'd like to be part of a small, dynamic eco-community. We ask for up to 20 hours work in return for living at Cae Mabon. Some paid skilled work may be available.

    If you are interested please email me on eric@fachwen.org with details of yourselves and what you can offer. We'll take it from there.

    Thanks very much.




  • Hello virtual Cae Mabon visitors.

    If you'd like to visit for real here are some brilliant forthcoming events.

    'RETURN TO CENTRE' wondrous women's retreat led by the amazing ANGHARAD WYNNE and brilliant CATH LITTLE. Just one place left. 23-26 MAY Check events calendar for details.

    WISDOM OF THE DIVINE NATURAL WORLD Plant Spirit Medicine as Spiritual Exploration and Discovery with ELIOT COWAN. 9-14 JUNE A 5-day workshop to explore your relationship with plants as wise elder guides to the knowledge and power of nature.

    THE COW THAT FEEDS THE WORLD: Storytelling as Compassion into the World with LAURA SIMMS. 19-23 JUNE A handful of places left. Check events calendar for details.

    MEETING THE WILD Mapping the Journey, Gathering your Medicine with Caroline Carey and Annemeike van Bellen. 6-11 AUGUST, Check events calendar for details.

    NOURISHED, ENERGISED, EMPOWERED AND INSPIRED: a long weekend of Active Hope with CHRIS JOHNSTONE and MADELEINE MAUER 12-15 SEPT. Check events calendar for details.



  • Spring Working Party

    The working party is over and we've had a fantastic time. It was cold but the sun shone every day, the snow sparkled on the mountains and we had not a drop of rain. Such a lovely group of people and so much got done.

    The woodshed was filled and kindling was gathered; the floorboards in the Barn were repaired; the Longhouse was latched; the upper bunkbed sides were brought up to the officially required standards; the rope swing was rewoven and a new one added; the children's play area by the two oaks was brambled and de-hollyed; a genius latch was fitted to the Hobbit Hut door; the Roundhouse 'hat' was re-thatched and the thatch was cleaned and the porch ridge re-turfed; the new benches in the Roundhouse were sanded and oiled; a wonderful, two seat, backed bench was created by our 'sculptor in residence'; the herb garden was weeded and replanted; the composting loos were emptied and the rainwater tanks cleaned; ditches and gullies were cleared; latches were fitted and the post was fixed on the gates by the lower carpark; a stone dyke and new fence was made down by the kitchen; the river bank was strengthened with stone walls; the Top Shed was tidied and sorted; in the garden a new herb 'eye' was built, a seating area made, seeds were planted and tidying was done; the duck pond was cleaned out; slate sub-base was barrowed and spread onto tracks and paths; filters on the water system were repaired; a leaking chimney on the house was fixed; a new, improved gents' 'pissoir' was constructed; the Wigloo was re-woven and mulched; cushions were stiched; a rotting post in the Hogan was replaced by a sturdy oak post carved from a fallen tree; mould was removed from some of the buildings, photographs were taken... and more. Delicious meals were cooked, loads of washing up was done, songs were sung, music was made, stories told and bodies were soaked in the Hot Tub.

    So thanks very much to Rosemary, Funeka, Phillipe, Matthew, Darek, Lindsay, Shirley, Kate, David, Forrest, Peter, Kathryn, Brendan, Deb, Declan, Angharad, Myfi, Kaja, Caroline, Serafina, Clare, Max, Toma, Tom, Tracy, Perla, Neli, John, Willow, Asher, Nick, Andrea, Jack, Felix, Oscar, Jacs, Dave, Karolina, Auralie, Christopher,, Ken, Justin, Su, Iyara and Senya.

    If you'd like to check out pictures taken by Brendan here is the link. They are excellent photos.


    As I write Myrddin is finishing off putting lime-hemp plaster on the kitchen ceiling. Next weekend we have the World Drum coming. The season is starting in earnest!




  • Imbolc - Celebrating the return of the Cae Mabon Web-light!

    Well, it's Imbolc, that time of the year when we celebrate the returning light, and here at Cae Mabon we're celebrating the return of our web presence!

    We've had a few website problems over the winter but they are, at last, sorted. Now we have a new, functional and, we believe, rather beautiful website.

    We'd love your thoughts. Because this one's flexible to a degree, we can make modifications relatively easily. There are, of course, likely to be a few teething problems - probably with links etc - but we'll do our best to iron these out in the first couple of weeks.

    One new development is that group organisers who register as members on the site will have access to upload, manage and amend their retreat /workshop /event entry on the new calendar system under events, potentially making things quicker, easier and more effective all round.

    We'll be posting more confirmed events on the calender in the coming week, but please note that the Spring Working Party is already logged - go have a look and test the system.

    Over to you - enjoy!


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