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Eco Philosophy


Cae Mabon is intimate with the primal elements of forest, river, wind, earth and fire. We believe in the healing and inspiring qualities of Nature in all its beauty and vitality.



We endeavour to make our dwellings harmonise with each other, with the trees and the curves of the surroundings hills. We like to include aesthetically pleasing details in surprising places.



We value creative inspiration very highly, both our own and those who come to visit. We like to make beauty in song, story, dance, poetry, sculpture and many other ways.


Low Impact

We try to minimise our ecological footprint on the Earth by using natural building materials, by composting and recycling, by using solar power for lighting. Soon we hope to generate waterpower. We are always looking for ways to be more sustainable.



We know we are a long way from self-sufficiency but nonetheless we are travelling in that direction, cultivating a vegetable garden, keeping ducks and bees, generating solar power and hopefully hydro-electric power from the river in the coming years. We also source as much as we can from our locality, local veg, logs, timber, supplies, as way of consciously supporting our local growers and businesses and developing resilience within our community.


Personal Transformation

We believe in the possibility of personal transformation. Cae Mabon provides the space for people to thrive, to find spiritual solace, to awaken creative potential, to gain new perspectives and to celebrate their lives.


Positive Futures

Cae Mabon is a meeting ground for diverse influences and traditions. We aim to value the best of the past, to celebrate the fullness of life now and to help create positive, sustainable, convivial and organic futures…

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