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We've included some links here to help you make the most of your visit to Cae Mabon. Also included are links to projects that have inspired us and that we've had a hand in inspiring or helping to get off the ground. Enjoy!

Things To Do and Places to Visit Nearby 

Cae Mabon is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the British Isles. Rich in landscape, history, mythology, activities and places to visit. Here are some places and activities in the locality which may be of interest. 

Resources for Group / Event Organisers

We like to encourage those who organise events and retreats here at Cae Mabon to support businesses in our community, by shopping locally, sourcing organic and locally produced food and purchasing any additional services from their stay from people and businesses in our community. 

Organisations Who Hold Retreats and Workshops at Cae Mabon

Here are links to some of our regular event / retreat organisers and groups so that you can find out more about their activities.

Like Minded People, Places and Projects

These are links to places that inspire us and that we've helped to inspire in some way, also links to like minded projects that we think you might be interested in.

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